National Art & Design Saturday Club

National Saturday Club- Summer Show!

Sadly we come to the end of our pilot year of the National Saturday Club but what a finale we had. The group had an exhibition of their work along all other Clubs from around the country at Somerset House in London. Our Club went down on the coach one boiling hot June Weekend, families and all, to see the work and marvel at the creative talent of the county’s youngsters. It was truly inspiring and we are all so proud of what the group has achieved over the year!

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The BIG Draw

The Big Draw is a national event run by a charity that aims to ‘promote visual literacy and the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention’. This year @FlipsideFestUK were organising a huge drawing event across Great Yarmouth centre and our Sat Club got involved by running a stall on GY marketplace where they were at hand to encourage and demonstrate to passers by how you can create wonderful outcome with mark-making. It was a great day with lots of participation with the stall and the event as a whole.

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GY Arts Festival Carnival Parade!

Finally we got to see the wonderful creations parading down GY high street and it was a beautiful day! The parade was full of local groups, clubs, organisations and students, all dancing their way to the beat of the samba band. The flags looked amazing and really stood out above the crowds. Well done all!

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Cutting, pinning, sewing.. and a bit of open screen printing 🙂

This was the tricky part- cutting out the rip stop nylon in big enough pieces to incorporate seam allowance and making sure that the shapes you were cutting were simple and large enough to be reverse-appliqued. The group did very well at this and when we held the fabric up to the light you began to get a feel for what they would look like once finished.

After we had the fabric pinned in place we got stuck into a bit of open screen printing which went down a treat- colourful, messy and quick results!

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Flag designing for the Carnival

Using the photos taken around GY and using colour as a representation of the diverse ‘Great Yarmouth Rhythms’, we began the design process for the flags we are making for the Carnival parade. This took longer than we all thought initially as the designs had to be simple enough so that we had space to reverse applique with the rip stop nylon we were using to create them. By the end of the session we have some inventive designs completed and we were ready to start cutting and pinning.

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Location photography- ‘Great Yarmouth Rhythms’

In preparation for the GY Arts Festival Carnival Parade, tutor and photographer Maddie Iliff from Art and Design East Coast College GYC took the National Saturday Club group on a photography trip around the harbour, market and streets of the town to try and capture the essence of Great Yarmouth. The photos will then form a starting point in the design process for the carnival flags that the group will make.

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The Saturday Club term 3 = Great Yarmouth Carnival, BIG Draw and Summer Show!!!

Screen printing t-shirts

Term 3 started off with a screen printing session at Art and Design East Coast College GYC  with tutor Donna Harold. Club members printed the Creative Collisions logo onto t-shirts for future marketing and promotion of the Youth Arts Network. As well as this individuals customised their own tees in readiness for the GY Carnival and the BIG Draw. The outcomes were fantastic and the customised tees really showcased each members’ personality.

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MASTERCLASS! With Henry Franks

Our final week for term 2 was our Masterclass and we were lucky enough to have Henry Franks of Dubloon Ltd to run the session! Henry Franks graduated from the Royal College of Art and following this, together with James Boock, set up the company generating unique varied physical work from large scale installations, industrially produced products to bespoke pieces for advertising events.

Henry ran a session with the Club on design and ideas, getting everyone to use the museum- collections and building, to inspire the redesign of particular objects/aspects. In the second half of the session Club members put this way of thinking into practice by designing and making a lamp using basic tools and pine battens.

The session was hugely successful and saw individuals challenging the idea of what is possible in terms of design- if you can think it up, it can be made.

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Design with Photoshop

Nearly the last week of term 2 and the group were at East Coast College learning some simple design techniques with Photoshop. The aim of the session was to learn how to use basic tools within the programme as well as to really understand what makes a successful design? In this case we were re-designing a poster for the Saturday Club and individuals considered factors such as text, composition, colour and audience.

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Basic Photography @ Time & Tide

Last Sat our National Saturday Club group went back to basics with a photography session on depth of field, focus and composition with tutor Maddie Iliff. Young people were split into groups to explore the Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life and take close-up photographs of textures, shapes, lines and other interesting areas that caught their eyes.

Some fantastic results which are going to be used this week at Great Yarmouth College to learn about layering on Photoshop, and maybe looking at posters.

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Arts Award sketchbook session

This week at National Saturday Club we had a sketchbook day at Great Yarmouth College! All of our club members are doing their Bronze #artsaward and have been keeping records of what they’ve taken part in, learnt and enjoyed along the way, as well as including relevant artists, designers or craftspeople. The group got involved in anything and everything they could find in Studio 2 on Saturday to help add to their work and decorate their pages and the results look beautiful, showcasing the creativity and individuality the members have!

We also had some #skillssharing going on with one of our members- they introduced mono-printing with the Gelli plates to a small group who had missed the sessions, whilst another member gave a demonstration on mark-making and its potential to a new recruit who started with us last week. These will be documented in sketchbooks and help go towards the skills-share element of the #artsward criteria.

Really impressed with the independent working going on in the studio- thinking for yourselves, exploring, experimenting and refining own work! There are great ideas going on!!

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Felt making and 3D forms

Today was felt making with tutor Donna Harold at Great Yarmouth College and the National Saturday Club took inspiration from nature- scapes, flowers and colours, to produce vibrant felted artworks.These were then transformed into 3D vessels by forming the soapy felted creations around jars and bowls to become freestanding objects. The pieces dried over the next week and the final results looked stunning.

Two club members did the photography for this week too paying particular attention to composition.

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Animation with local artist Matthew Harrison

This week local artist Matthew Harrison came to Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life to do animation with the group for National Saturday Club– who could not wait! They created simple simple animations using everything from shoes to Lego and Plasticine to flip books. The group were tasked with making  animations to advertise and promote Creative Collisions and what a job they did! Working in group they produced four very different results!

Please visit our Facebook page to see the animations: Creative Collisions

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Willow weaving with @WithyArts #broadsvolunteerwillow

Our 4th week back saw the group learnt some traditional craft techniques by basket weaving with willow. We had one half of @WithyArts with us for National Saturday Club and an extended day to complete our baskets or flat weaves! Sarah gave us some background on the craft of basket weaving and we found out that the willow had only just been cut the previous day by the volunteers at the Broads Authority! It had a lovely strong smell to it! Each group member chose whether to weave a round basket piece or a large flat weave and then got stuck straight in.

We were able to cut some dogwood from Great Yarmouth College campus so had lovely vibrant red throughout the natural browns and greens. The results looked outstanding and everyone was extremely proud of their pieces!

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Comic drawing with Stuart Paterson

Local artist Stuart Paterson joined us this week back at Great Yarmouth College with Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life to demonstrate some fab techniques for planning and drawing out a comic strip for National Saturday Club. Armed with some basic story lines and storyboard layout designs Stuart explained how important it is to keep things simple and refrain from adding detail as at this stage as you are just planning out through shape and composition. This was hard! Everyone produced a fantastic comic strip and put together they were stunning.

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Life drawing

This week we were at  Great Yarmouth College with Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life for  National Saturday Club and had Tina in to model for an hour and a half of life drawing. We focussed on using different media and tried everything from 60 second to 25 minute poses, encouraging individuals to try loosening up and exploring ways of depicting the human form in varied ways. It is all too often that people want to get stuck straight into the details of faces and hands and don’t realise that we can show this through very simple line or shape and they can end up saying much more about that person. The aim was to be experimental and the results were outstanding!

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The Saturday Club 2017 (term 2)- kicks off with 3 weeks of drawing

Fine Art drawing with Kirsty O’leary-leeson

Our first session for 2017 started on 14th Jan and saw our National Saturday Club back at Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life with Great Yarmouth College. We had artist Kirsty O’Leary Leeson in to demonstrate drawing techniques for style and speed including pen and water washes, credit cards and ink and a biro, scribble technique. The results were fantastic and had a real illustration feel to them, and put together formed the most beautiful collaborative piece. The group also created portraits using carbon paper, focussing on highlights and shadows using charcoal and chalk, with a blue mid tone paper.

This was an exciting start to the new Year and it was lovely to see the group back, plus three new members!!

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Exhibition @gycollege

We have just had the private view at Great Yarmouth College for our National Saturday Club exhibition, showcasing work from the first term. The results are so impressive and put together in this exhibition look outstanding! This was just to pull together everything that had been produced as part of the 10 week taster sessions, from mark-making and weaving to fashion couture and pin hole photography, Dada- inspired collages and 3D relief casting to Photoshop and even woodwork.

The group has had an amazing first term with most of them saying “it’s a thing I look forward to all week”!

One Club member said “I really enjoyed all of it but I think the best thing I’ve done so far is the dress designing. I would definitely like to learn animation and do more fashion design”.

We can’t wait to start again on January 14th and get stuck into subjects that span a few weeks so we can begin to learn in more depth about techniques and approaches to different creative practices.

Russian Constructivist Christmas Party

This week we decided to combine our end of term Christmas Celebration with a Christmas tree challenge, inspired by Russian Constructivist art.  The group were asked to work as a team to create a Christmas tree (in just three hours), sticking to the principles of Constructivism. They were only provided with cardboard, wood and a simple pallet of primary colours, which allowed them to experiment  and analyse the function of materials, to understand how they would behave. ( inspired by some of the best artists of the that time  #Tatlin’sTower.)

It was so lovely to see how far the group have come in the first 10 weeks, and much like one student who remarked:

“Can we come back on the 1st Jan? I don’t want to go that long without Art Club”
We will miss seeing everyone over the Christmas Holiday!!

We will miss seeing everyone over the Christmas break, and cant wait to welcome you back in the New Year!

If you would like to see the groups finished Christmas tree, it will be on display with many others at the Minster in Great Yarmouth from the 8th of Dec.

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Recycled Fashion and Couture

Last Saturday our National Saturday Club met at Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life for a workshop in #Recycled #Fashion and #Couture. The group began by working in groups to construct designs on mannequins out of materials such as; plastic bags, newspapers, tape and bubble wrap. Before moving on to creating wearable fashions for each other. We were amazed at the different and inventive designs created using the same basic materials.

Next week we will be working with the group to review and decide collaboratively what sessions should be programmed for next term #YouthLed. As well as working on a surprise Christmas project.

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#LondonVisit and exhibition at Central Saint Martins!

This week we were neither at Great Yarmouth College or Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life, we travelled to London for National Saturday Club self-portrait exhibition at no other than Central Saint Martins!

Over the previous 7 weeks the group had each identified an image that they had produced to send down to CSM for their group exhibition. Not only that but every single Art & Design Saturday Club group from around the country was there and had their work on exhibition too.

It was utterly amazing to see the vast amount of members currently in the Club, showcasing the distances the Club spreads, and the creative passion and interest in the arts that this represents!  We were especially proud to see our very own Great Yarmouth College and Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life group’s professional and thoroughly impressive exhibition!

After the exhibition we were kindly treated to a guided tour around TATE Modern by organisation Q-Art. Club members saw three different pieces of art and were encouraged to engage with them- to question and discuss the pieces to help gain further understanding into their own opinions and how to voice them. It was a great experience and wonderful to hear everyone’s ideas.

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Pin holes and photograms- traditional photography’s still got it!

Week 7!  and back over to Great Yarmouth College to delve into the simple beauty of traditional camera less photography.

National Saturday Club groups braved the bad weather to capture pictures using pin hole cameras made of cardboard boxes.  The outcomes were really successful and the group were really amazed that you could build a camera, get a shot and develop it all by hand- and using only natural light.

The group then produced photograms in the darkroom by positioning items that they had brought in/collected to represent themselves onto photographic paper, then exposing this to amounts of light and watching the results appear as they developed. These monochrome outcomes were hugely varied, from translucent objects letting through some light to the opaque, harsh outlines, intense black and soft greys. They were brilliant!

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Clay relief and plaster casting

Time for some 3D work this week for National Saturday Club no. 6,  taking inspiration from Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life ‘s collections the group created textural relief tiles out of clay which they then filled with plaster of Paris and let set to produce extremely precise castings of their textures and patterns. The results were amazing and the whole group said it was really fun to get stuck into something 3D and really hands-on.


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1950s inspired Surface pattern and printing at Time & Tide!

Thanks to the new exhibition at Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life, ‘Never Had It So Good’ – a celebration of 50s design, the group had a wealth of inspiration for the mono printing session!

They began by spending some time in the exhibition space and recording the marks, textures and patterns they saw around them- although these looked great in themselves, they then took these back with them to create their mono prints. The group learnt about mono (one) prints and different ways to produce them before being let loose to create.

Everyone worked so quickly, producing the most colourful and eclectic mix of prints- vibrant, repetitive, orderly, meticulous, energetic and expressive. The room was awash with colour hanging from our home-made washing lines!

This has been one of the highlights for the group and we started identifying which piece they would like to submit to the Central Saint Martins National Saturday Club exhibition on Nov 19th. Lots have chosen their prints to be incorporated into the final outcome.

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Photographic painting with light  & Photoshop

Back at Great Yarmouth College again for week 4 to do some light painting around the self-portrait theme in the studio and darkroom!

Once the basics of photography had been explained the National Saturday Club group were split into 2’s and headed for the dark armed with cameras! Everyone took turns experimenting with shutter speeds, aperture and different coloured lights to create some fantastic effects. In the studio they worked with a flash so you could simultaneously see the person and the light lines created but in the dark rooms it was very black and no flash so it just focused on the lines of light.

We also managed to make time for a brief Photoshop session in which everyone went on the search for some interesting textures to photograph and took some simple portrait shots in pairs. They then learnt how to layer up, reveal, merge, distort and many more things on Photoshop to create some very interesting, mixed images.

There were some amazing outcomes from the day (and a huge number of photos taken)!

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 Dada-inspired self-portrait collage.. and more!

We’ve just had our third week of National Saturday Club at Great Yarmouth College this time, in their creative studio 2. The main focus was on looking at Dada collage as inspiration for creating self-portraits.. not taking ourselves too seriously and bringing a bit of humour into it all. Everyone took to this like naturals and produced outcomes that were vibrant, interesting, layered and looking like they could fit right in there with a Hausmann image. 

Next was some tie dye experiments and leaning about how different folds and tying up the cloth can create different patterns once dyed. The outcomes looked so vibrant and colourful. The Q is what should they do with the individual pieces next?

Lots of the Club members really enjoyed being at Great Yarmouth College this week, saying that the Studio 2 space was amazing, huge, and the facilities ‘looked really good’. One person was so impressed by the music recording studios too!

Check us (Creative Collisions), Great Yarmouth College or National Saturday Clubon Twitter/Facebook or Instagram, and if you are, or know anyone who has a passion for Art & Design, lives locally and would like the opportunity to join us, please contact

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Wonders of weaving- free-form compositions

 National Saturday Club had its second session on weaving with Great Yarmouth College at Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life. Club members learnt the basics of warp and weft and did some large scale free-form weaving into wire. With a huge selection of materials available ranging from strips of fabric and plastic to straws and wire, each person selected items relevant to them in term of colour, shape or material properties. This was a collaborative piece and the group was split into two teams to work on two individual weaves. 

After the weaves were complete the whole group took them round Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life to find appropriate places for them to sit among the exhibitions; hanging out to cure in the smoke house, laid out as a beach rug in the seaside gallery, a replacement patchwork quilt for the Morrison shelter or nestled in among the baskets looking right at home! They looks absolutely fantastic!

If you’d like to keep more up to date with what’s going on in the National Saturday Club then please look on Twitter/Facebook or Instagram, and if you are, or know anyone who has a passion for Art & Design, lives locally and would like the opportunity to join us, please contact

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Mark-making self-portraits #expressyourself!

National Saturday Club with Great Yarmouth College at Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life  welcomed young creatives from the local area into the Club for its first session on mark-making. Taking inspiration from the museum to produce a fantastic collaborative large-scale mark rug! Wowza!

Club members said they “really liked going around the museum and getting inspiration” and making marks “allowed you to express yourself”.

This then informed some impressive individual mark-making portraits. Each person produced marks that represented them and used collage methods or silhouettes to devise a personal portrait outcome.

There was so much going on we could have gone on all day! Everyone enjoyed it- “I have already met some new, amazing people” said one Club member, and another said “it’s an amazing opportunity in a subject that I have not got the opportunity to take part in currently at school” #lovecreativity

You can follow us all on Twitter or Instagram- see below, and if you are, or know anyone who has a passion for Art & Design, lives locally and would like the opportunity to join us, please contact

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Call for Club members! 

Youth group Creative Collisions has been awarded £4930 by the Enjoy Network in Great Yarmouth to set up a National Art & Design Saturday Club at Time and Tide Museum and Great Yarmouth College (University Campus Suffolk).

From Saturday 1st October 2016 we will be running the National Art & Design Saturday Club, a Sorrell Foundation initiative. The Club will give young people aged 14–16 the unique opportunity to do art and design every Saturday morning * Free of Charge*

The aim is to nurture young people’s talent and build their confidence and self-esteem. Last year more than 1,000 young people across the UK took part in their local Saturday Club.

The Club offers 30 weeks of inspiring classes over the academic year, introducing a range of different disciplines using our specialist facilities these include drawing, sketch-booking, photography, fashion and instant couture, printmaking and DIY design, solving problems through doing, making, creating!

Club members also visit some of London’s best museums and galleries, exhibit their work in their own Summer Show at Somerset House, London, and are given the opportunity to attend a Masterclass with one of the UK’s foremost designers or artists.

Tricia Hall Chair of Creative Collisions and Youth Engagement Officer at Time and Tide Museum said:

‘This is an incredibly exciting new venture for us and our partners. Young People will be a part of the biggest art club in the country and they’ll meet artists and designers working at the very top of their field. They’ll work with arts tutors to practice a wide range of skills and become more confident in their own abilities.

The Sorrell Foundation is a charity set up in 1999 by John and Frances Sorrell, inspired by  their own experiences of attending Saturday art clubs. The charities aims are to inspire creativity in young people and improve lives through design. The Sorrell Foundation says:

 “The National Art & Design Saturday Club gives young people the unique opportunity to study art and design on Saturday mornings at their local college or university for free. It helps them to gain qualifications, gives them an insight into studying at college or university and an understanding of careers in the creative industries. It is a potentially life-changing opportunity.”

If you are 13 -16 years of age or going into school years 9, 10 & 11 and would like to join National Art & Design Saturday Club then contact Holly Morrison at to sign up.

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About Creative Collisions

Creative Collisions is an imaginative Youth Arts Network for Great Yarmouth where likeminded young people can share ideas, produce events and exhibitions and communicate opportunities in the arts. It is supported by Time & Tide Museum and local high schools and colleges

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