National Art & Design Saturday Club – spring term 2018

We kicked off the New Year in January with a trip to the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, Norwich. Led by artist Kate Murno and Head of Learning Alex Woodall, we were inspired with hands-on making activities to explore the ‘Russia Season’ exhibition. The young people worked in the galleries to create instant creative responses through collage. After a visit to the Tatlin’s Tower in the SCVA grounds, the group worked in the studio with Kate Munro to create 3D sculptural towers from recycled and unusual materials.

In the following session, we worked with Kaavous Clayton from originalprojects;. Continuing with the Russia theme and introducing a new theme of ‘resourcefulness’, Kaavous guided the young people through design, construction and branding. The group produced a “multi-functional” and “animal friendly” bench-desk-den, called SKOEBMACKAG, from recycled wood.


In February, the young people were awarded their Bronze Arts Award certificates in a ceremony attended by their family and Arts Award Voice Magazine reporters at East Coast College Great Yarmouth. The day was a celebration of all the exciting achievements and creative ideas explored by the Club, and it was fantastic to see them confidently share their newly developed skills with their family too.

The final Saturday sessions were delivered with Time & Tide Museum’s ‘Sea History Differently’ project. Local artist Katarzyna Coleman hosted a Club visit to her art studio and guided the young people with observational drawing skills around Nelson’s Monument. In the following session, the drawings were translated from charcoal and pencil sketches into acrylic paintings on canvas. The young people picked up lots of useful skills from Katarzyna. The artwork will be on display in the community gallery at Time & Tide as part of the ‘Drawn to the Coast’ exhibition.

As an additional extra, we took a research trip to the Hippodrome Circus Museum in Great Yarmouth. The session was to do research into the circus theme in preparation for the upcoming ‘Circus 250’ project in the summer term. The Club members who have completed their Bronze award and are working towards Silver took a lead in the research and Q&A with proprietor Christine Jay.

Plus, check out Club members Olivia, Molly and Millie interviews in Arts Award’s Voice Magazine:! They spoke about their Arts Award journeys with us and the work they did to complete their Bronze Arts Award.

About Creative Collisions

Creative Collisions is an imaginative Youth Arts Network for Great Yarmouth where likeminded young people can share ideas, produce events and exhibitions and communicate opportunities in the arts. It is supported by Time & Tide Museum and local high schools and colleges

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