Requiem project- An Act of Remembrance

Nov 2018

We are delighted to share this new film of the entire performance of Requiem. Another beautiful ‘Act of Remembrance’ to help us recall the stories and the sacrifices made by the people of Great Yarmouth during WWI. Created by film maker John Gray with composer Sarah Freestone, it provides a wonderful legacy for all who took part. You can enjoy the whole performance again (or perhaps for the first time?) right here:

July 2018

Thank you Sarah Freestone and film maker John Gray for this stunning film of the entire final performance. It will help us to always remember the stories of the people of Great Yarmouth during the First World War and more happily the wonderful experience of attending Requiem – an Act of Remembrance. A wonderful legacy for everyone who took part.


Our Requiem project officer, Rachel Duffield, gives thanks to everyone who supported the WW1 centenary project in her recent blog post below. We’d like to say a massive Thank you to Rachel for her hard work and dedication! Read on to find out how all the different contributors played their part in making Requiem…

Only a week ago today, we had just begun the first of two performances of Requiem: An Act of Remembrance, in Great Yarmouth’s mini-Albert Hall, the Hippodrome Circus.

It’s only now I can find the words to say thank you. I’m not naming anyone specifically, because I’ll end up leaving someone out and causing trouble. But please, know that my thanks are sincerely heartfelt!

I was the project co-ordinator, working, if I’m honest, at the outermost reaches of my comfort zone, more used to chasing applause than risk assessments. Thank you to all who gave me advice – and contact details…

Thank you to all the many high profile partner organisations, the funders, the supporters and the participants. The numbers and logistics of a project this size are astonishing: 300 young people across 15 different schools and colleges, variously participating in research trips, a steering group, exhibition writing, creative writing, visual arts, spoken word performance, film-making, choral singing, composition, rehearsal and performance. All the trips needed permissions and risk assessments, all the performers needed licenses, all the visits and instruments needed transport.

Thank you to all the partners, who provided exceptionally high workshop content, for mentoring and encouraging the young people, for being flexible to fit around the school timetables, and for being so patient when the snow forced us to reschedule.

Thank you to the venue for not charging us twice…

Thanks to everyone for still participating even when the new date clashed with the local agricultural show (which dominates everything in a county like Norfolk), exams, work-experience, and all manner of other end-of-term shenanigans.

Thank you to the young people for their enthusiasm and hard work, and to their teachers for keeping them involved against the odds.

Thank you to the VIPs and funders for their support and advocacy.

It’s been a roller coaster ride and at times I wanted to get off, but now we’ve successfully reached the end, just like with a rollercoaster, all I want is to do it all again!!

Source: Rachel Duffield, LinkedIn

Jan 2018

The Requiem project has been making huge developments ahead of the March performance at the Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth.

The musical arrangements have been created by local young people from schools in the Great Yarmouth area, with BBC Concert Orchestra, Norfolk Music Hub, Orchestras Live and Creative Collisions. The final performance will also see a further 200 school children take part for the finale. The inspiration for the music is being created in response to research local students have recently unearthed about Great Yarmouth’s residents during WW1.

Plus, to accompany the music at the performance, there will be a series of specially designed visual projections. In workshops led by comic artist Stuart Paterson, students from East Coast College and East Norfolk Sixth Form have been creating graphic illustrations, also based on local WW1 research. Together, the music and visuals will create a rich and engaging story.

The project has been commissioned by youth arts network Creative Collisions and supported by the Time and Tide Museum, is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Norfolk Music Hub.

Nov 2017

Four local schools have participated in the first of four Requiem composition workshops with the BBC Concert Orchestra’s Sarah Freestone. In October, Sarah worked with music students from Flegg High, Ormiston Venture Academy, Trafalgar College and Charter Academy to create key themes and phrases which will form the basis of a brand-new Requiem about WW1 in Great Yarmouth.

Three more workshops will give the young maestros the opportunity to create their own pieces responding to stories about Yarmouth’s inhabitants of 100 years ago, unearthed by fellow students working on the research element of the project. The students’ work and the Requiem will be performed by the students and the BBC Concert Orchestra in the town’s iconic Hippodrome Circus in 2018.

They will be joined by a massed schools primary choir of a further 200 pupils for the Requiem’s finale, an Anthem of Hope. Visual projections will be created by artists from East Coast College.

“We wrote a whole song!” Trafalgar High pupil, yr 7.

“Are we really going to do this at the Hippodrome? Cool!!” Ormiston Venture pupil, yr 8.

The project, commissioned by youth arts initiative Creative Collisions and supported by the Time and Tide Museum, is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Norfolk Music Hub.


Sept 2017

Following our first ‘steering group’ meeting with young people and teachers from local schools/colleges, the Requiem project has now properly lifted off with a super Zeppelin logo based on a design by Zoe Lewis, former student at East Coast College. The steering group met back in July to discuss the brief, meet some of the partners we will be working with and give their initial thoughts on how it might move forward (plus we had a lot of fun around the museum).

Requiem is an exciting HLF-funded music and heritage project that will work with local students from 6 high schools, 6 Primary schools, and 3 FE colleges, to research Yarmouth’s WW1 stories and turn them in to a touring exhibition and a brand new musical composition!

Research, music, text-writing and art workshops will take place from September 2017 to February 2018 and a final orchestrated piece will be performed with the BBC Concert Orchestra in the iconic Hippodrome Theatre next March.

The list of partnership organisations for this project is extensive and includes Norfolk Libraries, Norfolk Music Hub, Creative Collisions, Historic England, BBC Voices, Orchestrate and of course the BBC Concert Orchestra itself. Early research has already found some gems including a cartoon from the 1915 Gt Yarmouth Mercury featuring ‘Mrs Yarmouth’ and her Bucket of Wrath!

Research days are being conducted both at the Time & Tide Museum and Great Yarmouth Library over the next week with a selection of young people from the high schools, so watch this space for future updates.

About Creative Collisions

Creative Collisions is an imaginative Youth Arts Network for Great Yarmouth where likeminded young people can share ideas, produce events and exhibitions and communicate opportunities in the arts. It is supported by Time & Tide Museum and local high schools and colleges

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